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Hadassah Magazine: What Not To Say About Baby-Making

For too long, infertility and the struggles toward parenthood have been topics of hushed conversations and quiet suffering. Watch

NPR Morning Edition: Hanukkah is in the Holiday Season, Too

Sometimes nostalgia hits for that other, lesser holiday. Listen

The OB/GYN Podcast: The Patient’s Side of Fertility Treatments

Here I teach OB/GYNs about infertility. Listen

The Moth: The Matchmaking Rabbi

Amy Klein finally finds a husband after paying a man in Israel to lift a curse from her by Chanukah. Watch

Yum’s the Word: Pregnancy Storytelling

Author of the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, Amy Klein, talks about her difficult journey towards motherhood. Watch

The Moth Story Slam: Love Hurts

Why would someone on J-date want to be my sex slave? What will I have to do in exchange? Does this nice Jewish girl have The Nerve to go through with it? Watch

Beat Infertility: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Amy’s Story [SUCCESS]

During the first 6 months of trying to conceive, she became pregnant spontaneously twice. Unfortunately, both ended in miscarriages. Listen