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“Write what you know,” they say (although I’m not quite sure who “they” are) and as someone who spent most of her 30s single, dating in the burgeoning age of the internet, I learned a lot from my many, many, many dates. In addition to my singles column at a Los Angeles weekly, I’ve also written about dating books and trends for places like and as well as newspapers like The Chicago Sun-Times.

The New York Times, Modern Love: Looking for a Blessing to Marry/What The Rabbi Said

What happens when I visit a kabbalist rabbi in Jerusalem?  Read Article.

Blue Collar Boy

They say there’s no such thing as class in America, but dating a welder, I discovered, taught me where I belonged. Read Article

Getting Rid of Stuff, Making Room for Mr. Right

It wasn’t easy to let go of my West Coast Life, but sunshine was so lonely by myself. Read Article.

No More Dating Mr. Not Nice Guy

It took me 40 years to understand that I couldn’t turn away the nice guys. Read Article

Tales from a Sex Slave

Sometimes a single girl needs to do something wild. Read Article

There Goes the Groom

What happens when the man you think you’re gonna marry marries someone else? Read Article

Marry Young? I Don’t Think So.

Why I think cautioning women to snap up a husband in college is wrong. Mostly. Read Article

I’m in Love with The Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger may be a yenta, but she’s telling people what they need to hear. Read Article.

Am I, The Oversharer, Really Closed Off?

“It seems that in the process of revealing myself on the page to total strangers, I’ve lost the ability to communicate myself in person to those who want to get to know me.” Read Article.

Column: I Don’t Want You To Want Me

“‘Anyway, I was thinking about calling you. I was thinking it would be nice to talk to Amy Klein,’ he said. I stayed silent. It’s weird enough when people talk about themselves in the third person, but it’s even stranger when someone talks to you about yourself in the third person.”  Read Article. Are Your Friends Keeping You Single?

Beware of good intentions — they pave the path to loneliness. Here’s why you shouldn’t take relationship advice from your well-intentioned, albeit single, friends . Read Article.

Chicago Sun-Times: Harvard Dating Advice

Think finding a husband after 35 is easy? At the time I scoffed at Rachel Greenwald’s book “Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School” (Ballantine Books). But I was 33 when I wrote it and I was later to learn some of what she said was true. Mea Culpa.  Read PDF

The Los Angeles Times: The “Perfect” Dating Bio

Do you want her to look as good in a black dress as she does in sweatpants but never wear sweatpants? Then check out this spoof dating profile.  Read Article.

MSN.Com: Do You Have a Dating Checklist?

Sometimes the first rule of getting what you want is putting it down on paper. Read Article

Petside.Com: Should You Date a Cat Guy or Dog Guy?

There’s nothing to raise the ire more than to weigh in on the pets people have and what it says about them. But I cannot tell a lie, I’m not a girl who dates Cat Guys. Read Article

True Confessions of a J-Date Addict

The year was 2001, and no one even bought books on the internet. Enter Amy “it seemed like a good idea at the time” Klein to try internet dating — and by try, I mean go out on like 60 dates. What I found out might be obvious ten years later, but then, it was golden. Read the essay that started it all, from the book to the graphic novel