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Hadassah Magazine: What Not To Say About Baby-Making

For too long, infertility and the struggles toward parenthood have been topics of hushed conversations and quiet suffering. Watch

NPR Morning Edition: Hanukkah is in the Holiday Season, Too

Sometimes nostalgia hits for that other, lesser holiday. Listen

The OB/GYN Podcast: The Patient’s Side of Fertility Treatments

Here I teach OB/GYNs about infertility. Listen

The Moth: The Matchmaking Rabbi

Amy Klein finally finds a husband after paying a man in Israel to lift a curse from her by Chanukah. Watch

Yum’s the Word: Pregnancy Storytelling

Author of the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, Amy Klein, talks about her difficult journey towards motherhood. Watch

The Moth Story Slam: Love Hurts

Why would someone on J-date want to be my sex slave? What will I have to do in exchange? Does this nice Jewish girl have The Nerve to go through with it? Watch

Beat Infertility: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Amy’s Story [SUCCESS]

During the first 6 months of trying to conceive, she became pregnant spontaneously twice. Unfortunately, both ended in miscarriages. Listen

Between the Pages: The Trying Game

Jen spoke with the author of “The Trying Game” Amy Klein to discuss her new book and her advice to couples trying to grow their families. Listen

Infertility Awareness Week: Author Amy Klein shares her heartfelt journey to have a baby

Author and columnist, Amy Klein, details her struggles to try to get pregnant in her successful New York Times “Fertility Diary” column. Listen