Travel & Adventure

Travel writing is not all fun and games. Sure it’s all fine and good when you’re skiing in the French Alps for a week at Club Med, but when you’re cramped in a rickety minivan with a Ugandan woman’s chicken at your feet ? Adventure, yes. Fun? Hmm.

But I’ve always been game for anything, from my first adventure column in The Jerusalem Post, (where I went skydiving, paragliding, hang-gliding and any other kind of gliding you can think of), to more serious stories in place like Ukraine (when religion was first allowed again) or Costa Rica (where I thought I was going on vacation but ended up discovering a cult).

Here are a few:

Southwest Magazine: A Mutual Feast

The sharing economy hits the dinner table as new companies llke EatWith connect strangers to home cooks.
Read more

BBC Travel: Haunted — By a Floating Hotel

If you have a hankering for the historical — with a few ghostly spirits to guide the way — head to Long Beach’s Queen Mary. (Read it at the BBC.)

BBC Travel: Glamping — Camping for Glamorous People

Wanna experience the outdoors but not sleep there? Try going glamping! (Read it at the BBC)

Westways Magazine: Trekking Through Volcanoes, Vortexes & Forests

I raced around the coolest city in Arizona — Flagstaff — to hike three mountains in three days. Read PDF.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane — No, Just Amy Klein

‘Who wants to go skydiving?” was the way the question was put to me. My thrill-seeking gene (not “death wish” gene) called out without thinking, ‘I do!. “ Read PDF.

BBC Travel: Want to Visit The “Real” LA? Go Ethnic!

Forget Hollywood, forget celebrities, forget trendy restaurants. For the best of LA, visit the immigrant enclaves. Read Article.

Underground Tourism

Stalactites and Stalagmites and Necropolises, Oh My! Explorer a different part of Israel — its caves! Read Article

Jews? In Uganda? Who Knew?

In the farthest place in the world I found the tribe of Ugandans who converted to Judaism. Read article