Religion. Faith. God. Community. Almost impossible concepts to explain from the outside, which is why my parents’ astronomical investment in my religious-private school education paid off when it came to my journalism (although not necessarily in following through in my religious life).

Although I started my journalistic career as part of the religious Jewish community with a journalistic mission to right the wrongs there, over the last two decades my stories — for places like The Huffington Post, Salon and Jewish newspapers like The Forward, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles —  I ended up outside of it, as you can see from some of the stories below and from some of my Investigative work. But journalism does that to you sometimes:  instead of you changing something, it changes you.

Exodus from Brooklyn

After spending Passover seder with my husband’s family, I learn how different we really are. Read Article

Dark World against Religion in Newest Dystopian Series

The themes in “Divergent” point to a different message than “The Hunger Games.” Read Article

The Wicked Child

The ghosts of Passovers past haunts my family seder holiday meal…  Read Article

Sin: A Memoir of Yom Kippurs Past

“By the time you read this, it’s probably too late for me. To repent, I mean.” Read article.

Leaving the Fold, Not the Family

“But how did your family take it?” Is the first thing most people want to know when they find out I used to be reigious. Read Article.

The Secret Sabbath-Breakers

I go undercover to expose those on the DL — pretending to be religious for the sake of their family. Sound familiar? Read PDF.

Judaism Vs. The Secret

How does our ancient tradition hold up against the new-age bestseller? Read Article.

Who You Calling JAP, Shiksa?

Is it okay to use stereotypes? (Read article)

Shalom, Hoodio: The Secret Jews of the Southwest

From Juarez to Texas to New Mexico,a steady trickle of Hispanics in the Southwest are discovering their Jewish roots. Read Article