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After the Facelift

Six years later her face has held up (even though her body hasn’t). Read article

I Kegeled with my Phone

When did vaginal excercises become a video game? Read Article

New York Times: Gym Hopping Around the City

Relieve the workout doldrums with a NYC health pass. Read Article at The New York Times

Yahoo Beauty: What My Face Lift Taught Me About Beauty

I’m the last person who would have work done, but…..
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New York Times: Exercise Aided By Vivid Mimicry

Flow Cycle indoor spinning takes you outside, on video. Read Article at The New York Times

Slate: It’s Nobody’s Fault

Vengefully gleeful stories about male infertility distract from the real problem. Read Article in Slate

Slate: Stop Calling Embryo Testing “Controversial”

This will be the future of fertility, so why is everyone so freaked out?
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The “One” Diet Secret You’ll Ever Need

Why no one ever says the truth about weight loss. Read Article

The Science of Sleep

Why Getting Your ZZZs Will Improve Your Life… Read Article.

How to be Happy…Even at Work

Science tells us ways to increase our joy and productivity. Read PDF

Daydreaming, Wine and Chocolate

These front of the book pieces will tell you if daydreaming will help your memory, why wine and chocolate are good for the brain, how to prevent Alzheimer’s,and whether it’s worth the stress to test for a specific diseases.

Her Last Shot

An Israeli Scientist Finalizes the Insulin pill — the Holy Grail of Diabetes. Read Article

I Just Can’t Quit You, Technology!

Ever feel like the internet is doing something to your brain? Find out how to take a tech break, and why it’s good for you.
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Learning Happiness

Is it possible to learn to enjoy your life? Happiness is the new black, and the pursuit of it, more than ever — more than anything! — is the American dream.
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This is Your Brain on Games

Brain World, Summer 2010
So many computer games and devices test your memory, alertness and spatial relations. In fact, It’s a billion-dollar industry, but do they work? Not all brain games are created the same. Read article| PDF

Why You Can’t Just “Say No”

Brain World, Winter, 2011
Quitting drugs is harder than you think, says Dr. Joseph Frascella, director of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research Division at the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health. Read PDF